Guten Morgen, a  P4 Video for all our German speaking website viewers!  A lovely 1955 75 and a fantastic shed.


**Stop Press** New Central venue for our Monthly Meeting – East Malvern RSL

After holding our Monthly meeting in the South Eastern area for many years, it has been decided to move in further towards the city.

Starting as of our July meeting on Thursday July 26th we have a fantastic new venue.  This will co-incide with our AGM.  Please come along – we would love to see some new faces at this fantastic new venue

East Malvern RSL

Stanley Grose Dr, Malvern East VIC 3145

A Story of a man and his 90 from David – a Guild Member from Perth, Australia

As I said, a little over two years ago I had the engine out. The first of many times to follow and if I had known that in advance I might have left it where it was. I was doing a half-arsed rebuild at the time. I put in new main journals and big ends and had decided I could get some life out of the original pistons and bores. I really hate to throw away good stuff and the pistons looked great. The bores however were near the end of their lives on the original size. Where the AEG drill came in was to hone the bores to take new rings. By the way has anyone else tried the dodge of getting oversized rings and filing the ends off to get the right gap? I am saving that one for another day. I had just finished honing cylinder two just enough to take the glaze off when the drill leapt into crazed life doing a more that passing imitation of a whirling dervish on speed. The speed control had failed and the drill was running flat out with no response to the trigger. It would not turn off. Meanwhile I am frantically running the hone up and down so that it did not take off a large chunk from any one part of the bore while I think what in the world to do. I cannot really have three stones whizzing around my face which is what will happen if I remove the hone with the drill still running flat out. Neither can I get to the wall socket to yank the plug because I am still holding the drill. In the few seconds it took to make up my mind and run for the wall socket the hone must have taken off a little too much out of the bore. So when I had the engine back in and even after running it in for 2000 miles, the exhaust was still smoky and number two was the culprit.

The bottom line is that I hate to be driving a car that is trailing the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in smoky Morse code so I resolved to pull the engine and do the job properly. I shall skip over the prolonged agonizing over the cost of a new set of pistons and rings, and merely add that Ray Abbot did a splendid job of both the bores and the cylinder head and the engine now runs sweetly.

It took the best part of three months to get to all of the firewall. I would not have believed how much stuff is attached to it. It was easier to do in two halves, but here we are freshly painted in stone guard to preserve the look of the original.

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