Rover P4 Washer Bottle

One of our esteemed members has broken his Lucas 2SJ Windscreen Water bottle. If anyone can please assist? Please reply to this posting.

Many thanks,
Webmaster Alan


Rover 95 for sale at Coffey Ford in Dandenong

1 RovHere is a lovley Rover 95, in need of a little bit of work to really bring out her full natural beauty. For the work done and the fact that it has recently had a full Victorian Road Worthy, it is quite fair price:

Rover 60 For Sale – ex Wedding Car in the UK

Here is an interesting Rover 60. Used as a wedding car and sporting a matching paint scheme with the other two vehicles in the fleet.



Quite a rare model on Australian soil, the 60 is found more widely in the UK. The vehicle is on ebay in the UK and can be found via this link

Some Fantastic Stories about trips in P4 Rover’s

Dane, one of our Guild Members tells of a couple of his highly adventurous trips:

First two are trips with ‘Gloria’ a 1954 90, fitted with a 100 engine.

These are trips with ‘Beatrix’ our 1959 90, also with a 100 engine. After the Alice trip, the engine was definitely well past useability, and in the last few weeks, we have had fitted another used, but good condition, 100 engine.

The Alice trip story is in 5 parts with a link at the end of each part to the next.

Hopefully, before too long, I will have a story about ‘Polly’ (so named after the Cyclops in The Iliad- Polythemus). This vehicle is the Square Dial Black Cyclops that was featured as being ‘for sale’ on this website.