For Sale – a lovely Rover 110

FOR SALE:   (now SOLD) 1963 Rover 110 (P4)  $11,000    –   Registration: 44970 H

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Owned by Guild Members: John and Laraine Bojarski
Purchased new by Mr Jim Riggs from Regent Motors of Melbourne in August 1963, the car had a quiet life attaining only 15,500 miles by 1969 when Mr Riggs retired. The Rover also went into semi-retirement and by the time it was sold or given to Mr Riggs’s son-in-law, Trevor Truscott, on 9 January 1986, it still showed only 22,739 miles on the odometer.
Mr Truscott, an antique dealer, used and maintained the car until 1999, having had a bare metal respray done in June 1987. He then sold it to Mr Robert Long, who stored the Rover for a year pending restoration with a mileage then showing of 55,109. With the car not being used and the restoration not proceeding, the Rover was sold to Mr John Milton on 9 May 2001and taken to Western Australia.
Though the exterior of the Rover still looked good, the interior had deteriorated very badly being now over 30 years old. Mr Milton had the interior stripped out and restored with new leather and carpeting even having it dyed to match the original. By this time some of the mechanical components were a bit sad, so a head decoke with new valves and gaskets, (bores were good), new suspension bushes and kingpins replaced. The Rover was used mainly by Mr Milton’s son as a promotion vehicle, becoming redundant in 2006 when it was sold to Mr Larry Lim and moved to Sydney.
Mr Lim bought the Rover to compete in the 2007 (Hundredth Anniversary of the first in 1907) Peking to Paris Rally. He engaged Dennis Barr, a Rover p4 specialist to prepare the car. A lot of money was spent to ensure the car was reliable, particularly on the suspension, gearbox, differential, tyres and brakes. As it turned out the car did not go due to confusion about the entry closure date and so sat at Mr Lim’s home only coming out for registration each year and still having done less than 70,000 miles.
In May this year after a careful look, Laraine and I became the owners. Though not concourse, it is a very comfortable, quiet and reliable club car and still a bit of a showpiece of the marque.

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Wanted – tracking down a 105R in QLD

Hello, we have received a query regarding a 105R that was last known in the early 1990’s in Queensland. 

 “My father owned a 105R which we sold in southern QLD in the early 1990s. The vehicle was my grandfathers after buying it from his friend in around 1959. The friend he bought it off was General Sir Vernon Sturdee. Inside each hubcap was painted ‘please return to vernon sturdee ‘ and his address. I would be very interested in purchasing one or all of these caps if they are someone’s possession, somewhere. Dad and I toured Australia in the car, I learnt to drive in it. Now that Dad has gone it has taken on more sentimental value. I would hope the ‘Old Grey Ghost’ is still on the road somewhere, and would love to see it if so.”