Rover 105S for sale

Rover 105S for sale.  Registration: AXV 88Q

Only 48208 miles but that would be the second time around the clock. This 1958 Rover P4 105S has very comfortable seating for 5. This car has a powerful 2.6 litre engine with twin SU carburetors and 4 on the floor with electric overdrive. 

It has the ubiquitous ‘pot stirrer’ gear stick.

This car represents great value at $4,000. 

When the 105S was being made Rover were still building them with aluminium doors bonnet and boot-lid. 105 stands for its stated top speed. It cruises along the motor-way happily today at 100 – 110 km/hour now with steel belted radials but I doubt that I would have like to drive it at 105 mph on cross-plies.
The good news – 
* the engine is very strong and has been well maintained and serviced

* there is no rust in the chassis (a few spots of minor surface)

* it has four great tyres

* the interior is in very good but not perfect condition

* it has been on full registration for the past 8 to 9 years

* the interior is in good condition and the carpets are the original Wilton 
The NOT SO good news –
* the paint work is poor. I have buffed it up for weddings but it could really could do with attention

* parts of the interior are less than perfect, as you can see from the photos

* the registration is due for renewal. It has been on full registration but it could be put onto historical plates, if you joined a car club, which is quite economical.

Further details: