Jet 1 R (Remake)

Arguably better than the original, built to a very high standard.  Built by 25 year old Austrian Engineer Georg Mayr-Harting.

The turbine comes from the aircraft industry, operating at more than 900 degrees. Around 500 degrees exhaust gas temperature must be mastered by the two stainless steel exhaust pipes. On the plane turbines run at a constant speed, the construction of a speed control with the throttle was one of the most difficult parts of the Jet-1-R project.

The turbine of the Rover Jet 1 R creates 150 hp, allowing the vehicle to top 190 km / h. The gas generator peaks at 60,000rpm and the power turbine with at 40,000rpm. Power is then transferred by a reduction gear sent to the rear axle. The vehicle builder, Georg Mayr-Harting recently tried Jet 1R on Austria ring, achieving the 190kmh. He says, a little more speed might be been possible, but he didn’t want to push it too hard on the first outing.

With all this thrust, the braking needed to be upgraded, Jet 1R is fitted with four disc brakes. Georg Mayr-Harting stated “To my knowledge, the original, the Rover Jet 1, was the first street-legal car with four disc brakes – Drums would have been overwhelmed by the power”

The Rover Jet 1 was built in 1950 on the basis the 1949 Rover P4, it incorporated aircraft engines Rover had already researched in the late 30s. That the future of the turbine could also take place on the street was in post-war times this was considered quite likely, and Rover was ahead of the rest of the world. To embellish this project, the Jet 1 made in 1952 incorporated the new front of the revamped P4. Also featuring a much stronger turbine outlet a record attempt was made on on a section of Belgian Highway at ‘Jabekke.’ Jaguar held the previous record in 1949. Rover achieved a remarkable speed of 245 km / h. Rover continued turbine research to other models. The Jet 1 rested until 1958, before moving to the London Science Museum, where it still resides today.


Rover 105S for Sale

Advertised on Gumtree in Armadale (NSW).  In need of a loving restoration.  “Restoration project that never was, as such she’s in need of quite a bit of work.  Stored in Armadale, will need tilt tray tow truck to relocate, and couple of strong mates to help manoeuvre her as she heavy and the steering isn’t great.”  Asking price is $1,900.


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