Vehicle Auction results

Results from the recent ‘World Record’ vehicle auction!  It will be great to see some of these finished off and back on the road again!

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The Largest Rover Vehicle and Parts Auction ever!

To be held in Canberra is by far the largest auction of Rover P4/P5/P6 vehicles and parts ever.

Our Guild has members that have made interstate trips to witness (and hopefully participate) in this once in a lifetime event.

The vehicles and parts were owned by the late Dr John Flynn who has amassed this collection over a number of years.

Vehicle Auction:  To be held online and by Slattery Auction house – Opens 18th Nov 2016, 17:00 AEDT  Link to Vehicle Auction

Parts Auction: To be held online and in Canberra – Opens Saturday 19th Nov 2016, 10:00 AEDT  Link to parts auction