Tassie Tourers 2018

Members of the Guild, some with their partners, traveled to Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania for a week of sightseeing.


The group at breakfast on the first day

This included not only scenery but cars as well. We caught up with Guild members David Longcake, Ken Watts and Ian Summers as well as Peter Huttemeier from the Rover Car Club of Australia who moved down to Tassie from Melbourne some years ago. As an added bonus the Guild gained a new member, Roger Hesketh and his wife Marie who met up with us for breakfast on the first day just outside of Launceston. Roger kindly acted as tour guide for the first day and led us through some lovely scenery on the way to St Marys.


From left to right are the Grey 105S (Nigel Rock), Dark Green 100 (David & Jenny Allen), White 95 (Phil Gleeson) and Two tone 100 (I think!) (Roger Hesketh). Missing is Bill Harrison’s 100 who took the easy way due to a leak in the exhaust manifold.

We spent a lovely few hours with Ian Summers at his Museum at St Marys and then were given a great reception by Peter Huttemeier and his partner Fiona at his property in Little Swanport. Mention must be made of Fiona’s almond biscuits that were a great success.


The group at the Huttemeier’s


The cars at Peter Huttemeier’s with Bill Harrison’s 100 on the right.

Following these stops we made our way down the east coast via Wine Glass Bay, down to Port Arthur and on to Hobart. During our stay in Hobart we visited Bruce Hills who had an eclectic mix of cars including 3 Rover P6Bs, a Bentley Mark VI, a Hudson Super Six and the star of the show a 1935 Rover P1 Speed 14. The car is still going thanks to Triumph 2000 running gear but he still has the engine and gearbox! This visit gave the ladies some time to check out the shopping on Hobart.


Bruce’s 1935 Rover P1 Speed 14. A rare beast indeed.

From Hobart we went our separate ways with some going straight home and others staying on longer.  We saw some stunning scenery, some terrific cars and met some lovely people.


Freycinet National Park

We had some memorable group dinners and the food was wonderful from the Oyster Farm at Wine Glass Bay to the Greek Restaurant and the farewell dinner at the Ball and Chain both in Salamanca Square. In return we were shown some excellent hospitality and it all made for a week that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

In closing, it would be remiss not to mention the work and effort Alan Travell has put in to organise this trip and to extend to him and Di our thanks for making this trip so memorable.





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